Changelogs 02/28/2017

Changelogs: After Poring Race event all disguised player will be back to normal. Disabling summoning

Changelogs 02/24/2017

Changelogs: Enabled skills in battleground. Body Relocation Sprint Back Slid

Changelogs 02/18/2017

Changelogs: Battlegrounds reward are fixed. Fixed Last Man Standing event. Disabled Bloody Bran

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November 20 Riddle

This will be the 2nd set of Riddles for the month of November. The fastest to send their answers based on the time s

Post for a code

  When: November 25,2016 GMT+8What: Post for a CodeWhere: Facebook or TwitterAwarding Date: November 26,2016

November 14 to 19 Riddle

This will be the 1st set of Riddles for the month of November. I will be providing the answers every Sunday of the mo

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Did you know the champion male has a shorter animation than a champion female?
Did you know the After Cast Delay of some skills cant be modified by Poem of Bragi?
Did you know the animation of the stalker female is shortly faster than the animation of the male one ?